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Unique and Trendy Wedding Ideas

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Winter is going out like a lion bringing spring in like a lamb, so close we can feel it on the tips of our tongues. For some that means pedicures and pretty colors, for others it means the clock is ticking its final tocks on the wedding of their dreams, as summer looms not far overhead.

Not sure where to start? Don't fret, as an event coordinator I get lots of flustered fianc©s who can't even think of where to begin. I usually start with color chat. One of the most important steps in planning the wedding of your dreams is to choose the color palette for your big day.
Look for color scheme designs on line to help with your color planning.

Tea Length Bridesmaid Dresses
Tea length bridesmaid dresses

Summer brides are in luck because this season brings with it the widest variety of flowers and colors to enhance their dream wedding. Below are some summer wedding theme ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Beach Bride

Whether you're landlocked or live on the coastline, a beach wedding is a popular choice for summertime nuptials. Choose tea length dresses and sharp lines to provide contrast against the soft waves and rolling sand dunes. If you want to blend into the location, cottony sundresses are a comfortable choice for your bridesmaids, especially if you've chosen to have a destination wedding.
Beach weddings are great because there aren't any colors that you can't use. Bright vibrant colors like oranges, yellows, and bold blue are all the rage for 2009 brides. You can fill your bouquets and centerpieces with exotic hibiscus, orchids, and stargazer lilies, with palm accents. For a unique look try hanging silver starfish or seashell charms from the stems, or scattered through the bouquet
If you're not interested in traditional floral centerpieces, or you're wedding planning on a budget get some hurricane glasses or fishbowls filled with sand, colorful shells or candles. Sprinkle seashells or hibiscus blooms on the tables for an authentic beachy feel.

Signature drinks are always a fun hit at weddings. Pick a summery drink, like a coconut or pineapple rum mixed with cranberry juice and name it for yourselves. For example, Paul & Karen's Love Breeze. The knot suggests trendy wine smoothies for something new and fun. For non-drinkers, or kids add club soda to pineapple juice or lemonade and garnish with a paper umbrella.

For a breath taking cake try a sandcastle cake like the ones at La Patisserie in Cape May, New Jersey. Take a picture to your favorite cake designer and see how they can wow you.

Can't have a beach front wedding? Don't despair; you can bring the beach to you. Have your cocktail hour outdoors or create an area for your guests to take pictures. Rent a Tikki bar and buy some sand from your local Home Depot. Wrap some rope around a pole, lamppost, or column to look like a palm tree. Get some fake palm leaves and attach at the top. For an added touch wind clear Christmas lights in the indents of the rope, and green Christmas lights at the top for a palm tree that twinkles with the stars. Voila! Instant beach for any area.

Midsummer Night's Wedding

Some brides are looking for a more magical way to say "I do". For these brides the romance of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream is the perfect path to their own happy ending.
Whimsical dresses in silks and chiffons in pastels, plums and creams are best for this fairy-tale theme. Weave flowers into loose hair, or adorn your bridesmaids with crowns of flowers with leafy accents. Ballerina shoes will add the right touch of romance to complete the look.

Exchange vows under a trellis adorned with vines and flowers. Cover the floor with white cloth (make sure to secure properly!) and scatter multi-colored rose petals all over for a picture perfect scene.

Multi-colored wildflower bouquets are the perfect complement, or for a flirty touch try fairy wands or scepters. Choose full flowers like roses or lisianthus with delicate accents like Peruvian lilies for centerpieces. A silver bowl with floating lily pads, rose petals, or candles are an interesting alternative.

To set the scene, think about hiring a harpist or a troupe of renaissance musicians. Fill your venue with potted trees strung with white Christmas lights. Hang rose blooms or electric tea lights in multi-colored candle holders. For a whimsical touch hang fairy figures too.

Signature drinks can include champagne spritzers, aptly named Judy & Johnny's Love Potion.
You can even create a D-I-Y fairy pond near the gift table. Get a kiddie pool lined with a solid blue liner. Fill with water, river rocks and water plants. Surround on the outside with forest shrubbery. Adorn with fairy figurines and light from the bottom or the back. Floating flowers are a sweet touch to this. Encourage your guests to make a wish, and donate the proceeds to your favorite charity.
Fill small vials with colored sand and silver glitter stopped with a cork, and give away fairy dust favors tucked into scrolls with your favorite love poem, or quote from Shakespeare's play. For a more practical twist on fairy dust, use bath salts, and tell guests to enjoy the relaxing effects of your love for another night.

Japanese "Zen" Wedding

For the bride who craves elegance and simplicity, the Japanese East/West fusion wedding is a great way to avoid the typical wedding pageantry that may just not be your taste.
For this theme you can either stay neutral with sleek browns and creams, or go bold with bright fuchsias and muted green accents. Tea length bridesmaid dresses are en vogue this wedding season, as well as sleek lined gowns for the more earth toned dresses. For a more authentic Asian flair, kimonos are an awesome choice that will have your guests talking for months. Parasols are a great picture pleaser and they come in colors and shapes for any color palette.

As for flowers, you can go sleek with elegant calla lilies, orchids or plumerias, or pink peonies for a bolder accent. Centerpieces can be tall sleep arrangements with bamboo accents, soba trays with mini Zen gardens accented with a lone orchid bloom, or explosions of origami cranes floating in bowls and fountains.

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