Tuesday, 16 June 2015

How to Prepare a Black and White Wedding Theme

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Here are some helpful hints for preparing for your wedding day:

Invitations - A great option for a black and white theme is to reverse the traditional black on white wedding card and have a white on black card invitation for your wedding guests. You can have a timeless, yet distinctive invitation by choosing this option.


Bridal party – Black and white bridesmaid dresses are the most common choice when preparing for a black/white wedding, as the bride is then able to wear a traditional white. For the groomsmen, traditional black and white dinner suits are ideal to complete the all black and white wedding party.

Reception - When it comes to the decorations for the wedding reception, this is where the options start to really widen up. So many different elements come together to create a perfect wedding reception, so use your imagination to really develop your theme here; contrasting linen on the tables, black/white table centerpieces, black and white balloons in the reception hall, white with black place cards, white and black tableware and so on. There are really a limitless number of ways that you can create a unique, striking and elegant day using the many different aspects to fully develop your black and white theme.

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