Wednesday, 29 July 2015

7 Creative Ways to Add ‘Something Blue’ to Your Big Day

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Struggling to seek out some wayst way} to include ‘something blue’ into your wedding day? Here area unit some simple and fun ways in which to try and do simply that!

1)      The Shoes

This may be one among the only ways in which to incorporate 'something blue' to your day. may|you'll|you may} use this as Associate in Nursing excuse to buy those Carrie Bradshaw blue Monolo Blahniks you’ve perpetually needed however could ne'er quite justify paying on or a straightforward combine of blue sandals or suede shoes also will look even as elegant, no matter is more leisurely for you! If you’re attack carrying white shoes, why not add some elaborate blue clips to the front of your shoes, obtainable in most bridal wear stores, for a splash of color and sparkle

2)      The Flowers

A blue wedding bouquet can very pop against a white robe once walking down the aisle.Forget-me-not’s, Hyacinths and Hydrangeas area unit simply many well-liked choices for your blue bouquet, and adding barely of sparkle can very create your bouquet stand out. If blue flowers area unit an excessive amount of, perhaps add a badge around your flowers for one thing a lot of refined.

3)      The Head Piece

This may merely be adding some sparkly blue hair slides to the rear of your up do or for one thing a trifle additional out there, a blue headpiece that may carry your dress and add one thing distinctive to your look. It’s your day thus be as daring as you please!

4)      Nails

Skip the normal french white tips and select a blue manicure or pedicure instead. If you don’t desire a fully blue nail you may enkindle some blue description or nail art on only 1 nail. see your nail creative person and commemorate with it, you'll be as delicate or daring as you prefer.

5)      Shawl/ throw

If you’re having a winter wedding, (or a marriage in Ireland) a pale blue scarf can keep you cosy and stylish and add a pop of color to a photograph or 2. you'll want a fake fur shrug for a a lot of glamourous look or a baby blue pashmina scarf for a cool evening.

6)      Bridesmaid dresses

What color are your bridesmaid dresses? You might already have your something blue! A deep navy or royal blue bridesmaid gown are a popular choice of color for bridesmaid dresses and work as your ‘something blue’ too! The blue dresses will photograph beautifully and why not include the groomsmen in the blue festivities by wearing blue ties or bows.

7)      Blue Eyeshadow

A subtle way of adding ‘something blue’ is creating a navy blue smokey eye look. Blue eye shadows work well on most eye colours and you can build up the colour to make it as bold as you desire.

Some more ways to add ‘something blue’ – Lace undergarments, blue garter, pale blue wedding dress, blue sapphire wedding ring and blue dress sash.

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