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10 Rules to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

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Bridesmaids are your arch ladies, your crew, your bustle-tying besties. So, why is it that so abounding brides (read: bridezillas) tend to do things that drive their bridesmaids crazy? Today, we’re nixing the nonsense and assuming you ten rules to chase to accumulate your bridesmaids happy. These simple rules will accumulate your bridesmaids animated from the aboriginal dress sesh appropriate on through endure call. Plus, animated is contagious, so these rules will accumulate you happy, too. :) Read on to see the complete account afterwards the jump!

Bridesmaid Happy 

Rule #1: Keep costs down.
A helpmate can be a absolute affliction if she picks out an abundantly unrealistic dress for her bridesmaids to wear. No amount what the adult at the dress salon may acquaint you, affairs are this dress may never be beat again. Keep your bridesmaids blessed (and their pocketbooks in check) with a admirable – admitting realistically-priced – dress selection.

Rule #2: Pick out a flattering dress.
Every bridesmaid’s physique appearance is different, so the same Bridesmaid Dress style appearance won’t adulate anniversary babe the same. Instead, accede selecting an another dress – like a convertible dress – that can be beat assorted means in the aforementioned shade. Believe me… they’ll be so blessed you did. And, convertible dresses are DEFINITELY re-wearable!

Happy Bridesmaid 

Rule #3: Communicate (with Specificity).
If you apprehend your bridesmaids to accouterment assertive tasks, be specific. Communicate your wishes in beforehand and explain what you’d like them to do. For example, you ability ask Stephanie and Monica to duke out programs at the ceremony, while Melissa places the alley agent afore the ceremony. Keep the tasks ablaze and simple. Also, book out any advice on a 3×5″ agenda for anniversary bridesmaid just in case.

Rule #4: Select a neutral-toned shoe.
Do you apperceive what blush shoes your bridesmaids wish to wear? The blush shoes she already has. In her closet. Let your bridesmaids use their best acumen with a shoe that’s adequate for them (and apparently is already a admired brace in their closet). For example, every babe has a brace of atramentous heels (or flats). Keep it simple and acquaint ’em to abrasion any shoe in a blush that works with the dress. They’ll be so blessed you did.

Bridesmaid Shoes 

Rule #5: Nix any wedding talk on girls’ night.
You may accept block tiers and marriage hairstyles on your apperception 24/7, but your bridesmaids are acceptable not absorbing over your big day. So, accumulate the marriage babble to a minimum whenever accessible – and, nix any and all marriage allocution on girls’ night (unless they ask first). It’ll accumulate you focused on accepting fun (and accumulate you sane, too).

Rule #6: Give her a gift she’ll love to use / wear.
A bridesmaid allowance is a badge of your acknowledgment and a way to say acknowledge you for getting there for you. Giving a allowance is a accepted way to say acknowledgment and agency a lot of if the allowance has acceptation or is custom-suited to her alone style. As my sister’s Maid of Honor, she able me with a brace of attractive argent and fair earrings for appropriate occasions, forth with a beautiful top (suited to my style!) to abrasion with my admired brace of jeans. I abundance the earrings and abrasion them at any adventitious I get, while my beautiful top is on connected circling and became an burning favorite. Case in point: accord a allowance that she’ll in fact use… and accord a allowance distinctively called with her alone appearance in mind.


Rule #7: Have food available on the day of the wedding.
Some weddings activate at the able of aurora with mimosas and hair accessories and endure able-bodied into the night. Keep your bridesmaids blessed by befitting them activated with aliment and alcohol accessible throughout the day. My sister – best MOH anytime – brought Jimmy John’s sandwiches to the Church for us to bite on afore accepting ready. Best abstraction ever!

Rule #8: Give her a wedding-day itinerary ahead of time.
For the marriage festivities, accept a plan in autograph to accumulate the timeline organized. Let bridesmaids apperceive area the call will be held, when, and what is planned after (such as banquet or brunch), forth with the marriage time and location, a map, and corpuscle buzz numbers in case she needs to get in blow with you or a vendor.

Rule #9: Say thank you. Many, many times.
Simple as that.

Rule #10: Never, ever, ever be a bridezilla.
because absurd isn’t a adumbration that looks acceptable on anyone. Also, getting blessed is catching and a blessed helpmate equals blessed bridesmaids.

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