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What Your Bridesmaids Really Want to Eat on Your Wedding Day

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Simply because you may not have a lot of of an appetite on your own big day doesn't mean your besties will feel the same. Actually,we are able to almost guarantee they'll come prepared to grub - and carrots drizzled with hummus won't be enough! Ensure that your girls get their food fix by filling their tummies up with these must-have munchies and pre-wedding meals. After all, nobody likes a hangry bridesmaid - or bride for that matter!

What Your Bridesmaids Really Want to Eat on Your Wedding Day

Real food
My sister-in-law had bagels and fruit for everybody, that was nice, but I definitely wanted something more substantial. I believe sandwiches are a good, easy to eat choice, as long as they aren't too messy." - Callie

Protein, please
"The perfect menu could be protein heavy. My favorite bridal party spread had grilled shrimp, chicken and veggies, hummus and pita and some other available choices. It was delicious and pretty simple to eat. It was a protein packed meal so every bridal party member nibbled on something and it was fine until the evening reception." - Brittany

Finger foods
"Finger foods would be the way to go. Order wraps from your favorite deli and have fruit and chips as sides. Avoid such things as pizza, condiments, burgers or something that could stand the chance of ruining a gown. Trays with mini muffins or mini cupcakes are cute and satisfying. Also have both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic choice for everyone as well!" - Ryan

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An actual meal
"If they're along with you during lunch, you should serve them a real meal. At my sister-in-law's wedding we'd nothing and literally starved until dinner! Personally, I need to eat or I get lightheaded." - Jessee

Something light, but filling
"I'd love fruit} and small sandwiches or perhaps a platter of subs. I would want something light - since I get butterflies before big events - yet filling enough to hold me over until dinner." - Hannah

Bridesmaid's choice
"If possible, let the girls pick anything they prefer. We did this inside my wedding, and I think it went well because some people chose heavy carb-laden foods, while some went for light salads." - Juliana

Pizza party
"Believe it or not, my bridesmaids wanted pizza. We're grabbing it from the gourmet spot on our way to the church. I've gotten hangry before a night wedding and the only thing to eat would be a fruit plate. Needless to say, they'll be dining before they put on their dresses

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