Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Top Common Fashion Mistakes of 2016

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Everyone would have to rely on fashion at least at some point of our life. The industry of fashion would not be the same for more than a couple of years, and actually the field that regularly experiences a great change in style and trend may be the fashion industry. Most people have a believed that, on following some bad style habits you can make yourself a fashionable one. If you're the one with such a concept, then you are at the wrong path. Here are some fashion mistakes you need to avoid for the year 2016.

Fashion Mistakes

1. Wearing poorly fitting dresses may be the major mistake you do in the name of fashion. The majority of the ladies believe that wearing tight fitting dresses is part of fashion. They don't understand that these wrong sized clothes make them look larger.

2. Wearing too much of make-up is an additional mistake that many of us commit. This will make you look harsh and makes your lines appear deeper. Applying an excessive amount of lipstick on lips may be the common mistake committed by most of the ladies.

3. Every year newer and more effective style or trend emerges in style for men and women. The majority of the fashion lovers simply stick onto those new styles, without realizing whether it suits them or not. Thus, selecting a style that is not fit for you personally is also a common fashion mistake, that you simply need to avoid in the year 2016.

4. And here comes the commonest fashion mistake committed by the majority of the youth. Wearing way too short skirt or trousers and making visibility of panty or bra line, is not a fashion or trend. This really spoils your image and the way they look. Fashion must be trendy and not vulgar.

5. Wearing mismatching accessories is another fashion mistake. Wear shoes and belts that ultimately match the gown you wear. Wearing clothes with a lot of colors is also a major mistake that many of us do. This can totally affect your thing and appearance.

6. Hairstyle matters a lot not just with fashion but additionally with your impression. It is using what people judge your education, status, age and character. Sticking onto old-fashioned and shabby hairstyles is another fashion mistake which you need to avoid in 2016.

7. Wearing un-ironed clothes provides a bad impression to individuals around you. Most of them see it as fashion and simply depend on it. But this is not really fashion or style which concerns a lot while describing your character.

8. Selecting the wrong accessories is an additional mistake you commit. The accessories you wear have to match the dress you wear. Wearing an ordinary silver or gold chain is definitely a classy option. Silver ornaments are now becoming more and more popular in fashion industry. Wearing them together with any kind of dressing would make you look stunning. Anyhow, avoid wearing an excessive amount of accessories.

9. Maybe you have noticed while wearing shoes that whether your shoes match the gown you wear? Most of us commit this mistake. We never recognize such tiny problems, but if you're thinking of fashion it's very much important to wear dresses and accessories that match one another. Wearing sandals with socks is not fashion and steer clear of committing such mistakes.

10. There is nothing more distracting than showing your roots after undergoing a hair color. Hence avoid such type of fashion blunders.

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