Monday, 22 August 2016

Trend Alert - Designer Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

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There are lots of notable names in fashion who also design wedding gowns and designer bridesmaid dresses. Among these notable names are Vera Wang, Alexander McQueen, Simone Carvalli, and Elie Saab.

Designer Bridesmaid Dresses

However, there are thousands of designers, these are one of the most recognized and revered designers. The Vera Wang collection for 2016 places a focus upon floor length gowns and knee length gowns. The majority of the gown colors are in hues of deep purple, dark deep blue, and various shades of brown. However, the knee length dresses have been in shades of champagne, lilac, and white. A principal feature of this collection is the ribbon sashes that can be found at the waistline of each dress. The necklines tend to be of the halter or sleeveless variety.
Designer Bridesmaid Dresses 2016

This season, Alexander McQueen's 2016 designer bridesmaid dresses are usually as fanciful and imaginative as his other creations. Around the runway, his dresses were primarily made up of chenille and silk. Lace overlays in hues of red and royal blue were prominently displayed throughout the collection. Underskirts of tulle and feathers lent the gowns full-bodied skirts. The gown's lengths varied from knee to floor. Simone Carvalli's collection tended to follow along with the season's trends in terms of length. Her dresses were almost all unanimously strapless. Her color scheme was rather unusual, using the primary colors being hues of ivory and cream color. They lacked the full bodied aspect of McQueen's gowns, opting to become rather stream lined.

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