Monday, 27 June 2016

Choosing Purple Bridesmaids Dresses For a Wedding

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Selecting bridesmaid dresses can be challenging at times. Bridesmaids play exclusive roles in almost any wedding, and selecting the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be make the occasion even more elegant. You certainly want all your attendants to appear alike on your wedding and you also want them to wear something that matches perfectly using the wedding theme.

Purples bridesmaid dresses

For a monochromatic color scheme, the best colors to with are dark and light purple. If you have chosen dark purple for the matron of honor, then it will a good idea to dress your bridesmaid in lighter shades for example lavender. You may also do the vice-versa such as dressing the matron of honor in lavender shade and also the bridesmaids in darker purple.

Purples bridesmaid dresses can be elegantly accessorized with accents. These accessories may include sashes, ribbons and wraps. If you're choosing purple accents such as ribbons for your bridesmaids, it will also be a great idea to add purple ribbon to the brides and the bridesmaid's bouquets.

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