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Fashion Style - All About The Latest Mehndi Designs 2016

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Should you ever attend an Indian wedding you very well may notice the beautiful tattoos adorning the bride's hands. These intricate and frequently floral motifs are part of the Indian culture that symbolize joy, best of luck, health and positive vibes and are popularly known as "mehndi" or "henna" in Western countries. The henna paste used originates from natural Hawsonia shrubs. The twigs and leaves are ground to make fine powder that are then mixed with water to form the paste. Today, the mehndi designs are no longer exclusively accomplished for weddings or festivals as you can have it done even without an occasion.

Mehndi Design Types

The motifs and fashions of the Mehndi differ based on a person's cultural background. The oldest type of Mehndi is the Mughlai design that is distinct among other forms as each and every curl pattern and dot is emphasized boldly. Every design is meticulous and neatly done showcasing the pattern in a distinctive manner.

 An Indian design for example can be simply identified by its complex patterns of flowers, curls, curves using the figure of a peacock or a big dot in the heart of the palm. The individual's fingertips are also usually engrossed in henna designs. Popular designs also include curling vines, teardrop shapes and paisley patterns.

Another kind of Mehndi is the Arabic designs that are distinguished with the use of floral arabesques in geometric patterns. The designs are simpler naturally often depicting nature for example leaves and flowers because the designs aren't filled up, it is usually preferred as they dry quicker than other design types.

The Moroccan designs are the same Arabic pattern but more geometric naturally. The Moroccan style is also different in that designs often have symbolic meanings and are3 used as a protection against evil. Last but not minimal is the Pakistani design. This type is a combination of Indian and Arabic design and often worn by brides and children during special festivals.

Choosing Your Designs

Latest Mehndi Designs 2016
 As henna tattoos be popular, many people are now becoming thinking about Latest Mehndi Designs 2016. However, unlike the westernized designs, Mehndi ones differ and depending on one's comfort zone, designs can cover just the hands or perhaps the entire arm area. Some designs are also used to cover the legs, ankles and other body parts. Designs might also have symbolic meaning while some are for decorative purposes only. Modern symbols, embellishments such as gems and pearls may also be added to make the design more elaborate.

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